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  • 09:45 This week seems to like adding things to my plate. Please forgive me during the next three months, I'm going to be stressed out.
  • 11:23 Yeah, just found a homeless lady sleeping in the women's restroom. That made my day surreal.
  • 11:30 Ah, "homeless" lady is not actually homeless, just someone who is very sick.
  • 16:02 The clock outside is chiming 4pm. Wow, today has flown by for me.
  • 16:15 OH: I hate Wal-Mart because it scares me and I think I'm diseased when I leave.
  • 16:27 RT @ColsUndergroundChalk up a victory for gay and unmarried couples - Franklin County approves domestic partner benefits -
  • 16:28 Any COBOL people out there? Yes, I said COBOL. I want to know what blah>+100 means -- is it > strictly, or >=?
  • 16:33 Ah ha, the COBOL question answered: I was looking at error codes, not quantities.
  • 17:11 It is going home time. Laters.
  • 07:38 Dear ssw construction, could you make catching my bus a little less impossible? Thanks.
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