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  • 08:29 Apparently reading @choochoobear's Super Stuper issue #2 comic book on the bus warrants me a lot of strange look from my fellow passengers.
  • 08:49 Dear Hollywood, crossing a river in Pittsburgh is just not a big deal. Stop making movies/shows where rivers are seen as a delimiter.
  • 09:12 OK, I just discovered the SSW Cinema's "Cult Film Series"... and The Lost Boys is playing next!
  • 09:57 One good thing about mondays: free bagels!
  • 10:36 OK, I found something that updates my facebook from twitter. Fear, all you facebook people.
  • 10:41 Yay, found Selective Twitter! Thanks everyone!
  • 10:42 OK, the reason I wanted to connect Twitter and Facebook: Downtown workers, we should do a happy hour somewhere last friday of the month! #fb
  • 11:39 I have blisters on the inside of my thumbs from Kayaking on Saturday. Painful, but reminder of a good time.
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