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  • 08:21 Up early this morning, back at YAPC. *yawn*
  • 09:40 Thing I'm learning at this conference: Perl is completely changed.
  • 10:07 "People on the channel are generally helpful, as long as you don't mind the abusive nature of IRC." That's how you excuse the inexcusable.
  • 10:08 #squarespace. It's your space, but square.
  • 11:08 RT @beth910 Care to join us at Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh tomorrow after work for some drinks? We plan on getting there about 6:30ish.
  • 11:12 Sad: just discovered I still have perl v5.8.9 installed, not 5.10.
  • 11:13 OTOH, I finally got Net::Twitter updated. I can get back to my various twitter related projects.
  • 13:15 RT @tenzil:Great statistical analysis of #iranelection results:
  • 14:10 OK, installing perl5.10 now. I'm going to totally play with it.
  • 14:17 Yes, I changed my avatar. I still support #iranelections but my need to be different called out too strongly.
  • 14:21 And now I'm less pixelated.
  • 15:22 Perl: There's a mod for that!
  • 15:28 So, the floor is vibrating. I don't normally get motion sickness, but not knowing the source of the vibrations is bothersome.
  • 15:32 I'm really disliking this one phrase per slide idea. ATM it's the reason we're 10 mins into a talk, and have only just gotten to the topic.
  • 15:35 Gah. Seriously, "I like my job" is not my concern. Please talk about Perl and Social networks now.
  • 15:37 I should amend. It was 10 mins to get to Perl. 15 mins to get to Perl and Social Networks.
  • 16:38 OK, going home now. Laters!
  • 16:52 Neat! Just used from iPod Touch, and it gave me the result in my maps app!
  • 17:53 I am now home, and realizing just how tired I have been today. Hopefully I'll sleep early tonight; heading back to YAPC at 8am tomorrow!
  • 18:43 RT @choochoobear Iranian police shoot man who wasn't a protester, charge family $3K USD for bullet that killed him
  • 18:49 I love how white supremacists don't actually believe they're so.
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