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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
gwen's Daily Tweets

  • 10:28 Hey Columbus Tweeps, want a day of gaming a week ahead of Origins? tinyurl.com/m4pc83
  • 12:10 #followfriday hey, instead of just massive lists, why not give one name and say why follow them? I'd pay more attention then.
  • 12:29 OK, signs I got not enough sleep last night. I open my closet door and managed to spill my glass of water all over the floor.
  • 12:51 I really should go get lunch, find the hair extensions I need, then get to my hair appt at Lunasea. Purple hair coming soon!
  • 13:52 No purple left at hair store, so going with pink and burgandy.
  • 13:56 Oh on e carson, mother to young daughter: "well now you get to kick her in the vagina."
  • 16:45 Ah, @mauderation informs me that tonight's DJing is a mix of 90's music! G/I, grunge, alt rock, pop, hip hop, indie, played at Z-lounge.
  • 17:02 Hey, I ran into @phatmandee getting her hair done for tonight's performance at Lunasea! She's going to look FABULOUS!
  • 17:08 I should clarify, @phatmandee was getting her hair done at Lunasea, she'll not be performing there. :)
  • 18:13 Sigh, I want to go to Vessel Studio's gallery opening tonight, but the rain is coming too quickly. I'm going straight to @hackpgh, and now!
  • 18:15 Btw, for those who are bored, @hackpgh is hosting knitting tonight! Learn to knit, or come socialize while catching up on your knitting!
  • 19:22 Radar shows just yellow in the storm now. It's breaking up -- we're not going to see horrible horribleness again!
  • 19:24 So, I decided to bike; meant I could actually hit Vessel Studio before coming here to @hackpgh! But, means my extensions are now all sweaty.
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