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  • 10:16 Happy birthday to @d33ann!
  • 11:07 Uh, waiting for police. I heard angry voices, two gun shots, then nothing from across the street.
  • 11:24 Police haven't come yet. Two shady chars got out of *that* house across the street carrying a brown paper bag, then drove off.
  • 12:22 I really wish would let me configure which mail I wanted downloaded. I.e., only inbox mail, not foldered mail!
  • 12:51 Yah, the cops never showed up. Awesome.
  • 16:08 RT @woot:Found 12 bugs in iPhone 3 OS: 1) Multimedia messaging doesn't support sculpture, macramé or interpretive dance.
  • 16:43 OK, heading off to find food before rehearsel. Laters all.
  • 00:40 Random TV show X has a gay marriage scene. Most of the attendees are clearly gay men. What, they don't have non-gay friends and family?
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