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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
gwen's Daily Tweets

  • 13:43 uh, wtf? My iPod Touch isn't updating now?
  • 13:43 oh, the cable was apparently not in all the way. Yay!
  • 14:03 Dear apple, I am displeased about you outsourcing your support to India. What should be a simple repair is made impossible due to language.
  • 14:04 "g-w-e-n.." "e-w-e-n?" "no, G-w-e-n.." "e-w-e-n.." seriously, how hard is this?
  • 14:09 And, after all that language difficulty, I'm told, "Go to this URL and email support..." uhm. What?
  • 14:16 OK, and now my iPod Touch is telling me it can't be updated to 3.0... huh?
  • 14:28 #helpiranelection - show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click - helpiranelection.com/
  • 14:30 Dammit, my iPod Touch is now totally broken.
  • 14:38 OK, at least my iPod Touch is restoring from backup now.
  • 14:38 Btw, while bitching at the iTunes process, I'm finally getting the @rccpgh photos done for @cladzilla!
  • 14:48 Finally!!!! My iPod Touch is restored, and has 3.0. F'in' A.
  • 14:48 uh, cept that none of my programs are on there?
  • 15:24 well, crap. I really would like to have my iPod Touch while I bus around town in a few minutes, but it looks like it'll still be syncing.
  • 15:29 oh, found the problem. The cable is not very good. Sigh. I'm iPod-less for the day, which means no podcasts, books, or calendar. Crap.
  • 15:54 My bus stop claims 59u goes to century 3. Fail.
  • 20:07 Holy cow, I am soaked to the bone.
  • 20:09 Ah, twitter explains the Bates St traffic. Apparently if I felt more inclined, I could go two blocks to watch Hot Metal Bridge fail.
  • 20:14 bah, looking at the weather radar, looks like it'll be a while before I can warm up in the jacuzzi. Curses.
  • 20:18 OK, just checked basement, it's damp, but not flooding. We expect damp, so it's OK.
  • 20:25 Just talked my brother and sister in law through traffic and weather conditions fed me on internet so that they can make it to Franklin Park
  • 20:28 OK, we're at the brief respite from storms. More coming though.
  • 20:36 I have the laptop unplugged. The power did blip here once already. The rains are returning to full strength in the Southside too.
  • 21:03 OK, we're at a break. Next round of storms just entering Wheeling atm. Flee to your destinations peoples! Now!
  • 21:43 Round two of storms coming up.
  • 21:46 Why do I keep watching the radar, btw? Because I want to get into my jacuzzi, and the storms need to stop!
  • 22:26 Looks like @goob was right! The second wave of storms broke up, or went south of us. Just minor stuff for half an hour, then I jacuzzi!
  • 23:44 Now that it's over, I'd like to point out that apparently people thought blowing their horns at the flooding would make it go away.
  • 00:07 yay, finally getting jacuzzi time in! So happy.
  • 01:47 dammit, I should really take out the trash. But that requires getting dressed.
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Care to explain the Bates St traffic to me? We went back via Hot Metal Bridge, and there was a taxi just sitting in the middle of the intersection of 2nd and Bates, and a bunch of gravel strewn across the intersection, but I have no idea what caused any of it. (It actually wasn't too bad getting through it - enough people had already gotten off the roads by then, I guess).

It was flooded. :)