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  • 11:39 Today I get the second set of glassware back from the glass studio. Can't wait to see them!
  • 11:40 Why are some userpics green suddenly?
  • 12:11 Oh yah, #squarespace me. Now I'm off to run errands and etc.
  • 16:56 Going swimming during the Twitter outage! Haha!
  • 20:54 RT @MattressFactory Urban Garden Party write-up on Pop Damage (via @newageamazon) ** oh hell yeah
  • 20:55 Interesting, my iPod Touch decided "hell" was actually "he'll".
  • 21:09 Wow, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists opener Titus Andronicus are really really bad. I really hate off key whining and wailing garage band music.
  • 21:22 Seriously, the abuses on pitch are making me cry.
  • 21:47 Ted Leo on now. Yes, folks, this is what a good band sounds like.
  • 22:35 Yah, ok, so far I am liking Tweetdeck on my iPod Touch.
  • 23:48 Yah, I'm not so impressed with Tweetdeck on the desktop. Too much real estate usage, and it didn't find half of the people I'm following.
  • 23:50 As in, you'd *think* I'd want to add @shadow to my friends list, wouldn't you? Apparently Tweetdeck couldn't find him on my list. Fail.
  • 00:30 OK, using baby shampoo to remove eye makeup has been the best discovery I've made this year. Seriously.
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