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  • 15:35 Oh yah: #squarespace
  • 17:15 My legs are all sparkly! I'm totally ready to rawk out at the @mattressfactory Urban Garden Party tonight!
  • 19:46 - Dude. There are naked chicks here!
  • 21:18 It's amusing to be at an arts party, and the pens are on the tvs surrounding us.
  • 21:22 - Pens & @mattressfactory
  • 21:29 Wow, are we going to win? Am i going to hate getting home? #gopens
  • 22:11 Thank you @mattressfactory for the awesome party!
  • 22:40 The tent is cheering. Yay pens! #gopens
  • 00:30 So, apparently going down to E Carson street with my camera while still dressed like a rock star gets me called "Paris Hilton". Compliment?
  • 00:33 OK, Nambu is apparently broken. Turning it off for a while.
  • 00:49 Working on uploading post-Stanley Cup celebration in the Southside pics now. I got to the celebrating late this time, so more cop pics.
  • 01:08 And, they're posted. This was the view on E. Carson an hour ago:
  • 01:09 OK, done with the pictures. I need to wash off my makeup and get ready for bed. Nini all!
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