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  • 09:53 AC repair guy here. I've been up 1.5 hours, but feel like I'm still asleep. Eyes hurt.
  • 09:54 Oh, also for the local tweeps: outdoor public pools open next week. Should we have a swimming tweetup some evening?
  • 10:14 OK, I really just don't understand how people can believe the holocaust never happened.
  • 10:47 RT @rccpgh:Reminder: Come watch us perform Stephen Sondheim pieces in Hi Ho tomorrow and Saturday evenings!
  • 12:05 Yay, our AC is fixed.
  • 12:44 Hmm, the rain is heavy. Yay for my plants outside!!
  • 13:56 OK, solidifying Origins plans. Turns out this is hard when juggling two hotel rooms. But it's making me excited! Origins!
  • 14:52 And... Origins is solidified, hotel-wise. My posse is coming in on Thursday.
  • 16:40 Yay, we're harvesting our first homegrown onions! Also, red chilis, but we've harvested those before.
  • 16:40 RT @aniline:Inspired by @onezumi - If you have a Twitter name that isn't your real name, what's it's meaning/origin?
  • 16:41 #twittername A friend was looking for unix help, got online to find me and typed, "GWENIX!" I've kept it ever since.
  • 16:42 Also, #SquareSpace !
  • 23:56 OK, my leftovers lunch tomorrow: melon soup, frittata, and strawberry rhubarb pie. Yum!
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