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  • 18:19 - Chillin' in the parking lot before ninja.
  • 19:57 - Nin on stage!
  • 21:23 - Head like a hole
  • 21:28 - Hurt. Last nin song i will see?
  • 21:45 You know you're in pgh when some drunk dude tries to get a "lets go pens" chant going between nin and ja. And is pissed when he fails.
  • 21:56 - Ja on stage with three days.
  • 22:29 - Nothing's shocking
  • 23:11 - Jane says
  • 23:34 Signs you are in pgh part 2: the "lets go pens" chant catches on after the ninja show.
  • 02:11 So, in 1991 both NIN and JA were heavy rotation in my music players. I would never have guessed I'd see them together in almost 20 years.
  • 02:19 NIN has been a big part of my life for the last 20 years, really. I've seen 4 of the shows. I'm sad to see @trent_reznor stop.
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