gwen (gwenix) wrote,

gwen's Daily Tweets

  • 13:07 Uhm, sure, I'll enter a #squarespace iPhone contest. Should I do more than just the hash tag?
  • 13:31 Dentist appointment in half an hour, I guess I should brush my hair.
  • 15:30 Yay, Jane's Addiction on jukebox at Fatheads. I am seeing them tomorrow!
  • 15:32 Oh yah, that thunderstorm? Totally woke me up while on plane two nights ago. Much less pretty (and scary) from ground.
  • 16:43 OMG, hate humidity.
  • 17:42 so, uhm, combining hashmemes for the day for that cross-topic goodness: #gopens @#squarespace #letangsexhair
  • 18:12 OK, I should go grab some fud before I deal with bridesmaid's duties tonight. #GOPENS for all to watch the game!!! (#letangsexhair too)
  • 19:11 Yah I am tweeting from a bar, just finished dinner. #squarespace
  • 22:39 Yay Pens won!!!! #gopens #letamgsexhair
  • 22:40 Ok iPod Touch apparently does not know to autocorrect #letangsexhair
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