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Puzzle for you guys.

So, some fascist dictator comes up with a brilliant plan of torture
for 100 inmates in a solitary confinement prison. There is a special
room in the prison that has a light, each day one random prisoner
will be taken to this room, he may turn the light on or off. Between
visits, the guards will make sure there are no other markings,
droppings, and that the light remains in the same state it was when
the last inmate visited (on or off). At any point, any inmate may
claim that all of the inmates have visited the room. If he's
correct, then all of the inmates are let free. If he's incorrect,
then all of the inmates are executed.

The inmates are given one day before the random visits start to
confer with each other for a strategy. Once the visits start, they
will be in solitary confinement again, no communication between

What strategies would you guys, my lj friends, consider?
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