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  • 11:01 Because, @lisamdh, I could ask yesterday, "Who wants to watch the Pens tonight?" and then we had a bunch of people watching the game!
  • 11:24 OK, beer tasting tweetup on Aug 29, added on -- I'll ignore this until closer to the date now. :)
  • 11:30 Well, the AC guy seems to be doing the repairs without my attention well, so I guess I'll go make that pasta sauce now.
  • 12:22 Yum, I make good pasta sauce.
  • 16:27 Sigh, I was thinking about walking/bussing to Shadyside for dinner tonight. The rain might turn that into driving the car after all.
  • 16:54 Oh, btw, my fan isn't dead. Turns out Apple made my computer run less hot. Awesome!
  • 18:29 OK, I am off to Shadyside. Laters!
  • 20:46 bah, it sucks that I discovered the chocolate soy ice cream in the freezer earlier today. Now I want some. But I am full! Stop tempting!
  • 22:49 hmm, it's kinda cold. I suppose I should actually shut the windows and turn off the fans.
  • 00:18 Dear Tivo, why do you insist on recording shows I have three thumbs down for, but ignore the ones I have three thumbs up for?
  • 01:40 In the "oh, f***" category, my phone is missing.
  • 01:51 yah, just searched the house and the car. no phone. This is Not Good.
  • 02:09 yah, I'm pretty sure my phone fell out of my purse somewhere. this does not make me happy.
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