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  • 11:42 Any plans for watching the Pens game tonight among local Tweeps?
  • 12:35 Hey Tweeps, wanna watch the Pens with us tonight at The Library? 2304 E Carson, I'll be there starting around 7pm.
  • 13:54 It's too bad I couldn't record the steps I took walking in Florida. I walked *miles* each day I was there!
  • 16:07 OK, folks, going offline to run a few errands. I'll see y'all in a few hours at The Library for the Pens game!
  • 16:49 Yum, fresh strawberries.
  • 17:49 RT @rccpgh So, what are your plans for Pridefest?
  • 18:30 OK, walking over to The Library in a few mins. I should get there shortly before 7pm.
  • 23:33 Why I love my neighborhood: Being able to walk home drunk (for 1100 steps) after a fine evening with good people watching the Pens win. Yay!
  • 00:00 Ok, it's hot. I am shirtless.
  • 00:19 OK, this is weird. My living room smells like bacon.
  • 01:16 Hmmm
  • 01:19 OK, I think I know why I smell bacon now. I'm pretty sure my laptop fan died. Sigh, shutting down, will back it up tomorrow.
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