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  • 09:28 Trying zensify. I am unsure still.
  • 09:35 Hey you, with the temper tantrum child for the past 20 mins. He does not need to be given junk food. He needs to be spanked and put to bed.
  • 09:39 Going back to Nambu on iPod Touch. It's less cluttered, making for easier reading. Also, it keeps more back tweets.
  • 16:07 I finally found the internets. I think I might be spending most the rest of the weekend at this cafe.
  • 16:09 Also, I should never have this convo again: "So, where is there public transport?" "There are plenty of taxis here!" "Anything else?" "No."
  • 16:11 Worse: "So what can I do that isn't Disney?" "There is SeaWorld!" "Anything else?" "No." Sense a trend?
  • 16:40 OK, I should head back to internetless hotel and wait for my friend. Laters!
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