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  • 08:13 Interesting. USPS sent me email about how the shoe boxes I ordered from them have shipped.... several days after I received them.
  • 08:14 Also, morning Tweetverse. I awake early to deal with yet another issue left from previous owner.
  • 08:15 It turns out that when your outdoor heat converter has no fuses, it won't actually turn on when you start up the central AC.
  • 10:34 The house is full of smoke -- you can tell I was in the kitchen trying to make something. My breakfast is scrambled omelette and burnt toast
  • 22:03 I suppose this makes me a social media person officially now, I'm setting up a Twitter account for my choir.
  • 23:27 OK, so apparently Twitter can only handle so many avatars being uploaded to an account at a time before it breaks.
  • 23:27 Dear Twitter, I wouldn't have to upload that many if you'd allow me to position where you crop the damn photo.
  • 23:37 OK, it's going! Everyone, meet my choir's twitter account! @rccpgh .. Pittsburgh's Renaissance City Choir!
  • 00:30 And with that, I should really really sleep. Nini all.
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