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  • 11:07 I am apparently unusual in liking this rain. It's feeding my plants and killing the recent humidity.
  • 11:58 Well, crap. My "important stuff" drawer is missing my current passport and my house paperwork -- the latter I need for the home warranty atm
  • 13:08 Well, at least Marianne and Cindy remain married. But I am sad that Prop 8 is upheld.. hopefully this is pushed higher.
  • 15:06 Passport and house paperwork were found, and many errands have been run. Parking prevented swimming for the moment -- will swim later.
  • 15:22 Honestly, I wonder if we should be challenging all marriage as a legal entity. None of it is covered by the Constitution.
  • 19:49 I'm trying to figure out how to convert some of my DVDs into iTouch ready video for my upcoming flights. Any advice from Tweeps?
  • 20:14 btw, yay pens. There, did my token hometown pride statement.
  • 20:25 thanks to everyone for the handbrake advice, I will be traveling light to Florida, and only using my iPod Touch for plane entertainment!
  • 22:05 Heh, and one of the Superbowl Southside pictures of mine comes up on my desktop. I wonder if I'll be taking more pictures of drunks soon...
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