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  • 11:08 I think I'm sick.
  • 13:17 So, I just made two glass flowers and a paperweight. I'll actually get them on Monday after cooling. Yay glass studios in the neighborhood!
  • 13:45 Accident on our street because someone thought "No Outlet" meant "Turn Around", and apparently can't drive backwards.
  • 15:34 Just got off phone with Duq. Light. Power outages in the Southside are being worked on by a crew, they hope to have it fixed by end of day.
  • 15:35 Also, I am definitely sick. I keep passing out on every comfy surface in the house.
  • 15:52 Well, awake now. Turns out that UPSes beeping from a power outage were enough to get me up. (Hence the call to Duq Light.)
  • 17:05 The UB made me some soup. Yay!
  • 18:11 I'm torturing myself with looking at kitten photos of maine coons at adoption agencies. I should probably stop this.
  • 22:01 This is the sort of game that will break the losing team's spirit into the next game. #pens
  • 22:11 This heat is made so much worse by the fact that I'm feverish and cannot sweat. I think I'm going to go sit in a cool jacuzzi for a bit.
  • 23:59 OK, going to try to sleep off the sick now.
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