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  • 13:52 *whine* Taking pictures of shoes is hard *whine*
  • 14:40 And, more shoes are for sale!
  • 14:40 Because I'm going out of town in a week and two days, I've decided to not list any more shoes until Monday. Break!
  • 15:01 Doc appt in an hour, I guess I should get showered and dressed now.
  • 15:56 I am having a weird craving for artichokes.
  • 16:06 Dude, if you are walking backwards on your cell, hear, "Sir!" and turn around to see someone with her arms braced up, you almost ran into me
  • 16:38 Oh, my doc's office has wifi. I am waiting for doc to arrive now.
  • 16:39 Also, Hi @rsanford614!!! I hope you are faring well now?
  • 17:45 At double wide grill with podcampers. We were just rick rolled.
  • 21:29 - @arvinclay is on stage at pegasus!
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