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  • 08:48 Good morning Tweetverse! I am off to my interview in just a minute or so here.
  • 12:21 Apparently the interview went well enough for them to mention a second technical interview already. Woo.
  • 15:09 Uh, how in the hell did I end up following some dating spam account? I don't think I clicked "follow" on that one.
  • 18:56 Anyone want to buy size 7.5-10 (mostly size 8) women's shoes? I'm selling some:
  • 18:58 Don't worry, there'll be more to come. This is one of my "while I am unemployed" projects to rid my house of stuff. :)
  • 19:56 #pens Yay goal! (To join the inevitable Twitter frenzy of such postings...)
  • 19:58 #pens make that double yay for double goal!
  • 20:59 #pens Uh oh.
  • 21:46 #pens yay! 3-1 now!
  • 22:01 #Pens Yay, first game is ours!
  • 01:08 Awesome, I just got spammer followed by a Christianbot.
  • 01:10 Why am I still up? I'm waiting for my digestive system to stop.
  • 01:32 Hmm, I think my tummy is finally done talking to me. Perhaps I can sleep now! Nini!
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