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  • 10:43 Good morning Tweetverse! Tonight is our first concert. I spend today preparing for this.
  • 11:45 After sleeping on it.... I am now downloading Myst for the iPod Touch.
  • 12:03 Today, to relax in preparation for my concert tonight, I feel like just playing with my Wii.
  • 13:20 And... I'll be working the election polls on Tuesday at Linden School if my mom has jury duty that day.
  • 13:51 Sigh, no Rock Band instruments have arrived yet. Maybe tomorrow?
  • 13:57 Hmm, in order to play Eternal Darkness on my Wii, I need my Gamecube Remote. Problem: I don't know where I put it.
  • 15:14 OK, I'm going to live dangerously and take my newly Myst installed iPod Touch to the jacuzzi to relax and get cleaned up.
  • 00:10 Uhm, there's random gunfire sounds going on nearbyish (prolly from St Clair Village area)... that last one sounded more like an explosion?
  • 00:11 OK, on that unsettling note, going to bed now. The concert was very good, we're doing it again tomorrow! I am tired as a result.
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