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  • 09:21 Woot, I have an interview on Monday!
  • 11:50 Sadly, one of my plants fell over today. I'm not sure what that means, but I think I should repot and send it out into the sun.
  • 11:54 and now, time to do the gardening!
  • 12:30 I ran out of dirt, so the gardening was cut short. Now I'm trying to make a necklace especially for this weekend's concerts.
  • 16:21 Hmm, turns out that making jewelry is time consuming.
  • 17:38 OK, this is what I spent all day making:
  • 17:43 OK, so recalling yesterday's conversation of plants and zombies... talking about gardening apparently attracts the horticulturalist follows.
  • 20:47 Listening to Pens at a friend's on his old fashioned radio cabinet. It's almost like I went back in time.. Cept I'm on twitter.
  • 21:32 #pens Grats to the Pens!
  • 22:44 I would like to point out: Dress rehearsel tomorrow, concerts on Friday/Saturday. Of course, tonight I seem to be getting bronchitis. Shit.
  • 22:53 Did a search on symptoms to make sure it's what I thought. First result: influenza. HA I MIGHT HAVE SWINE FLU! I INFECT YOU ALL!!!
  • 23:43 OK, I'm only getting mentions now?
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