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  • 10:25 Good morning Tweetverse, btw. Today's plans: rearrange the bedroom so that I can access my closet. Then I get a massage and go to rehearsel.
  • 11:19 Wow, rearranging my bedroom is making me seriously sweaty. I think I'll have to take another shower before I head out for my massage.
  • 11:33 After organizing my shoes, official shoe count: 72 This does not include boots or shoes currently in repair.
  • 11:33 er, make that: 72 pairs.
  • 12:40 To be honest, with Specter changing parties, I think it's well time for me to do so too. I agree with him -- the Republicans went too far.
  • 13:39 Hooray! We have an awning! Yes, it's the little things that make one happy.
  • 20:52 Yes, I am tweeting from rehearsel! I am so very bad! Oh yah, hi director, who will find my badness when he gets home.
  • 01:43 Worries feed my insomnia.
  • 02:14 #fail CNN Headline: "Earliest case of swine flew..."
  • 02:29 OK, my laptop battery is down to 9%. Here's hoping my body battery is similar, and I can finally sleep. nini all.
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