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  • 11:09 I got a bunch of plants repotted, planted new seeds this am. Now to deal with the immense mound of laundry. Yah, my life is exciting.
  • 12:13 While unpacking a small suitcase, I found the passport I lost 2 years ago. I didn't see it when the suitcase was empty over the weekend!
  • 13:52 Walked to Hofbrauhaus for lunch. Now sweaty and trying to cool off before tackling laundry. I'm looking forward to going to the pool after.
  • 14:27 On the plus side, I'm finally using my trunk for storing non-seasonal clothes. On the minus side, packing winter clothes made me sweat more.
  • 16:49 OK, time to go swimming.
  • 19:12 OK, time to go see a movie at the SSW theater! I love being able to walk a short distance to get there. :)
  • 22:39 My Alfredo Roca Pinot Noir was deliciously fruity with a cinamon aftertaste. @shadow prefered Lurton's Malbec with its tobacco overtones.
  • 23:31 Saw The Informers tonight. It really felt like a very very pale version of Less Than Zero. Then I found out they have the same writer. Oh.
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