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  • 14:28 The UB points out to me that I should be clearer about "pot gardens". By that, I really do mean the containers, not the contained.
  • 14:31 OK, off to #CMUCarnival with my camera to get pics of the booths! Laters all!
  • 19:40 Btw, out on deck listening to the birds tweet while I, er, tweet. Pretty night!
  • 21:08 Late dinner tonight, off to Double Wide Grill.
  • 00:03 OK Tweeps, after watching more episodes of The Muppet Show, I gotta ask: Who's your favorite muppet?
  • 00:05 As a kid, my favorite muppet was Animal, but now I prefer Rowlf's more subtle humor. Inasmuch as any humor in The Muppet Show is subtle.
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