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  • 22:23 Sadly, there is probably now dead varmint on the underside of the car. I saw it just as it ran for the wheels, no time to react. Sigh.
  • 23:16 Allderdice factions, part I: CAS classes - highest level (supposed to have IQ 135+ to be in); mostly it is the Squirrel Hill kids.
  • 23:16 Allderdice factions, part 2: PSP - Second highest, need B in prev class. Mostly the Greenfield/Hays kids are in these classes.
  • 23:17 Allderdice factions, part 3: Mainstream. These classes are considered remedial, almost, sadly. The Homewood kids are in these.
  • 23:18 Allderdice sum-up: yes, there is a tremendous amount of classism reflected in the quality of your education. I was in CAS; but I hated it.
  • 23:19 Er, I hated the classism, not the CAS classes, that is. I watched a Greenfield kid -- who was totally qualified -- get drummed out of CAS.
  • 23:29 This is disconcerting. The eye I thought I banged two nights ago? Now it's swelling up. A lot.
  • 23:31 Fortunately, I keep icy gel packs around.
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