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  • 14:11 yay, sewer cleaning guys are on their way. Hopefully I will have a working bathroom upstairs again tonight!
  • 14:31 It appears that I have a working bathroom again, YAY!!!!!
  • 15:27 Bathroom now cleaned out; window open, vent going, door closed, and a smelly candle burning in room next door. Hopefully normal returns soon
  • 16:39 Well, fuck. Now the main sewer outflow is clogged, so *no* bathrooms work. Waiting for workmen to call back now.
  • 17:16 Of course, all this chaos happens on the night I'm auditioning with the piece I've been working on all week, and tomorrow is the interview.
  • 23:06 OK, speaking of jobs and such, going to sleep now so that I'm up in time for interview in morning. Nini!
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