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  • 09:34 I'm considering auditioning for an opera house.
  • 11:00 Just made an avocado, manchego, and horseradish sandwich. Yum.
  • 12:01 Woo, I have an actual interview!!!!
  • 14:14 Yay, the mess beside my bed is now clear! Now I have a bunch of sewing to do (repairs I've been putting off.)
  • 15:54 OK, plumber came by, suggested another chemical to throw into the pipes. If that doesn't work, he'll come back with a power snake.
  • 15:55 In other news, the library is ready to be a guest room for when guest arrives in 48 hours. Whee.
  • 18:11 OK, apparently it's cold outside. I guess I'm about to find out.
  • 21:56 I have tickets for Watchmen at the Waterfront IMAX theater on Friday at 7pm. If anyone else gets some for that showing, let me know!
  • 21:56 (You can get tickets for Friday Watchmen online at amc theater's website.)
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