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  • 14:51 Home post-funeral stuffs. Today reminded me how Catholic my extended family is.
  • 16:53 Oversharing for @JustinKownacki's benefit: my toilet sewage is backing up into my shower. UB refuses to hire a plumber, of course.
  • 21:14 Running late for the Voltaire concert due to our plumbing issues.
  • 21:15 Also, nice compliment for the day: some random dude hanging out of a truck window to tell me, "You have nice legs."
  • 02:41 Voltaire was a lot of fun, as usual. It was good to see some old friends too. The Waffle Shop was also cool; conversation abounds there!
  • 02:42 OTOH, I dressed for the 50F it was earlier today, now it's more like 20F. Brr!
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