gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Today I went to Kennywood.

My review of the Phantom's Revenge:

It's a *lot* better than the Menace, you don't come off of the ride
with a migraine, and the safety bars aren't built for men only.
However, I'm not sure I like the bumps at the end, where the track
goes up and down so that I kept coming out of my seat only to be
smooshed back into it only to come back out again, wash, rinse,
repeat. If I'd expected that, it might be a different story, I'll
decide next time I go. But it is a *lot* smoother than the Menace,
and the drop down the hill ends up a lot more adrenaline inspiring
for it, and the tracks looping around the Turtle and past the
Thunderbolt are very effective.

However, I liked the Exterminator better. And the Thunderbolt was
the best tonight, obviously recently maintained, it was fast, sleek
and loads of good fun. The Pirate Ship was running high as well,
actually scared me when I realized we were going higher on it than
I'd seen it go in years. Alas, the Enterprise was down, though, I
love that ride.

All in all, a good jaunt. And I got FUDGE for the PANTSLESS PARTY.

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