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  • 20:38 Tivo'd the red carpet and oscars. Still catching up to live now, gowns this year look good.
  • 21:57 It's scary how many of these broadway tunes I've sung.
  • 22:17 OK, the magic stuff in acceptance was very cute.
  • 22:58 Y'know, I get the feeling I should see Slumdog Millionaire. It's not what I originally thought it was.
  • 23:01 I liked the best song montage. #oscars
  • 23:10 #Oscars why P. Gabriel didn't perform. Also, interesting commentary on Oscar show changes to appease falling audience figures.
  • 23:11 Queen Latifah is always an inspiration for full figured fashion.
  • 23:14 I somehow missed that Isaac Hayes died.
  • 23:21 #oscars I like the blue and black coloring of this dress, but the shoulder straps are... wrong.
  • 23:31 #oscars J'adore Marion Cotillard's dress. UB disagrees.
  • 23:40 #oscars wow, Sean Penn actually turned red!
  • 23:44 OK, I am actually really glad Sean Penn won for Milk. That was an outstanding movie, and he did an outstanding job.
  • 23:57 Holy cow. They're remaking Fame???
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