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  • 19:50 The rain against the south facing window is loud.
  • 20:57 I am home alone tonight. What do I end up doing? Cleaning the bathroom....
  • 21:05 Also, watching Deadwood Season 2.
  • 00:06 OK, that's some wind outside. Just went out to get the still-empty pot before it blew away, and I almost blew away!
  • 00:10 Wow, 92mph wind reported at West Mifflin.
  • 00:10 I hear a very brave airplane trying to land...
  • 00:13 I pity the poor garbagemen in the morning...
  • 00:27 OK, I'm eastmost house at end of several row houses, and this wind is shaking my house... wow.
  • 14:07 I have no idea what you guys are going on about, because I follow directions and won't click.
  • 14:17 hey pghgoth tweeps, @bwzimmerman is Boo?
  • 14:25 Yes, I get bored with my photos easily.
  • 17:07 I am at a loss as to why doxygen is not reading the \commands from this file.
  • 17:14 OK, as soon as Copies @ Carson prints my business cards, we'll be ready for Twestival!
  • 17:38 OK, off to Twestival!
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