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  • 11:54 Network here weird. Rebooting everything to try to fix it.
  • 12:44 OK, the network at my Mom's house just sucks.
  • 12:48 OK, the network SERIOUSLY NOT WORKING has pissed me off. Going home where hopefully things are beter (running errands on the way.)
  • 14:00 - Totally driving with top down.
  • 16:29 Hooray, a network that works again!
  • 16:33 Ran into @allthingsnoisy and choirmates at Filene's Basement. Banged my head on trunk latch. Am dizzy, but OK. Spent too much, but happy.
  • 17:24 I want to learn ASL. It's so pretty.
  • 18:02 Friend having Pardi Gras for her bday tonight. I am making myself purple, green, and gold.
  • 18:47 - I am ready for Pardi Gras!
  • 19:04 What didn't show up in my photo: green tights, green shoes, gold skirt, purple blouse over gold t-neck, sparkly purple "belt"
  • 19:04 Now to figure out dinner, then head up to the partay!
  • 00:32 #shoes (since too many of you are in the shoe conversation..) Aerosoles used to be comfy and stylish. They seem to have lost the latter.
  • 00:35 #shoes flats are not always comfortable, fwiw.
  • 01:31 Oh, oops. Forgot to turn up heat. Brrrr!!!!!
  • 03:25 Well, so much for getting to sleep at a reasonable time. On the upside, learned about Corpus Delicti.
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