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  • 10:52 Good morning Tweetverse.
  • 10:53 @gumbercules @allthingsnoisy I will probably go until 6:45, then I will head to my rehearsel.
  • 11:06 @macbeaner Right? yes. Should they be taken seriously? no.
  • 11:23 On hold with Unemployment office. whee.
  • 11:29 Holy cow, world's most bitchiest unemployment office person.
  • 11:29 "What did you do at the last job?" "Systems Administration." "Why are you telling me those words???"
  • 11:34 @macbeaner Fortunately, my UC is set back up, so I am done with her. But that was something else!
  • 11:34 @Magentamom Hey, neat story anyway.
  • 11:36 Now on hold with doc's office. Today is on hold day!
  • 11:40 Interesting, I was taken off hold to be .. put on hold.
  • 12:08 @curlyqpgh I re-read Watchman a couple weeks ago!
  • 12:11 @curlyqpgh I certainly do! Perhaps it's a TweetUp idea?
  • 13:13 @curlyqpgh I'm of course up for it. Though, idly atm because we're searching for something here.
  • 14:32 @scott_jeffrey My gall bladder came out 3 months ago. Seeing doctor about that next week (experiencing stomach cramps now).
  • 14:50 @scott_jeffrey After I eat, actually.
  • 14:51 @scott_jeffrey They're severe cramps, the more I eat, the worse they are. They start 2-3 hours after eating. A friend suggested lack of bile
  • 15:20 @scott_jeffrey That's what my friend said. I figure my doctor will be able to better figure things out next week. Eating less for now.
  • 15:50 @JustinKownacki I pass Cal U when I drive down the Mon Expressway -- that does seem much faster than 51.
  • 15:52 @ethermaiden Fwiw, we'll be at the show in Pittsburgh!
  • 16:08 @LyriqueTragedy Ack, good luck to you!
  • 17:32 @pray4zombies In the Southside, not far from downtown, is Luna Sea and my fav hairstylist: Leeann!
  • 18:32 @cath_grey naked morrissey???
  • 18:54 @bksnavely Wow. Just. Wow.
  • 06:26 Taking the UB to the train station...
  • 07:13 Back now, trying to figure out if I'm sleepy enough to go back to bed, or if I should just get up for the day.
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