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  • 17:40 Here we go Steelers, here we go!
  • 17:40 I will point out, my tights are very yellow.
  • 18:18 According to Faith Hill, this is, "Hamerica."
  • 18:23 Jennifer Hudson's singing was fantastic. I thoroughly approve.
  • 18:36 This is a strong start.
  • 18:46 Knee, totally down. Sucks that it was fourth down, but we're still off to a strong start.
  • 19:11 Y'know, a slaughter isn't really a good game. Come on Cards, get your act together. Well, at least enough to make it challenging for us!
  • 19:58 17-7 steelers going into halftime... I think I'm going home to a very insane southside...
  • 19:59 Mind you, I have my camera ready to head out and take pictures of that insanity...
  • 20:21 Weird, gmail just burped up some of my archived mail, spewing it into my inbox for no reason.
  • 20:23 Yay, is a Bettis!
  • 20:28 Dammit, I want the game back.
  • 20:30 Good thing my black&gold salsa matches my black&gold outfit!
  • 21:41 What is this, hockey?
  • 21:48 uhm, well, fuck.
  • 21:52 Yah, so, I wanted this to be this close uh, 10 game minutes ago. Not now.
  • 22:03 OK, let's see if we can survive the next 35 seconds....
  • 22:04 My heart, it's seriously pounding now. Yeah.
  • 22:10 And... my neighborhood will be INSANE tonight.
  • 22:10 Putting away the laptop to jump around like a crazy person. Laters!
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