gwen (gwenix) wrote,

gwen's Daily Tweets

  • 10:05 OK, the ice outside is bad. Good Morning Tweetverse, btw.
  • 10:07 My street has about 4-5" deep pools of water, btw. I dread what will happen when the temps drop.
  • 14:23 Seriously, I *heart* Peduto:
  • 14:34 A friend went to lunch with a coworker in his truck... and they crashed into a curb slipping around. Be careful yinzers!
  • 15:30 -- X-Files and Supernatural Director Kim Manners dies.
  • 17:16 OK, time to head out. Laters!
  • 17:32 - White trees.
  • 21:13 Jeremy Irons: Still sexy.
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