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  • 09:50 Good Morning Tweetverse!
  • 10:07 Dear iTunes: stop taking control of my Spaces. Thanks.
  • 10:42 I'm in the news! OK, I'm halfway down in this article:
  • 11:08 Watching y'all doing drinking games, I await a "repeating the same 30 second video clip" drinking game. Course, that would lead to death.
  • 11:23 OK, as the article I was in said, off to Double Wide Grill. I managed to entice half a dozen coworkers to go with me!
  • 13:37 What did I toast Obama's oath with? Southern Tier Choklat!
  • 14:31 I just realized... when we got back from inauguration, the tracks were covered in snow. I wonder if they stopped trains for the event?
  • 15:08 I watch twitter rumour mill amusedly. Byrd left because of digestion issues. Ted Kennedy had seizure. I dunno what the rest of y'all read.
  • 15:09 for the reference for both senators.
  • 17:30 Off to take night shots of the trains! Laters!
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