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  • 09:48 Good morning Tweetverse!
  • 14:28 Why is my body so insistent on being tired today?
  • 14:36 Note to all the companies doing twitter ads: do not just put a blind bot sending replies on twitter and except that this won't annoy people.
  • 14:37 Er, s/except/expect/
  • 15:16 Sanctuary Radio needs a twitter stream so I can tell it how much I love this Cry Little Sister cover by Blutengel!
  • 16:56 OK, braving the weather and the roads to get to tonight's Pittsburgh Beer Society. Laters!
  • 17:45 - Bad traffic in snowy conditions.
  • 18:10 An hour later, still on 2nd ave. We have gone about 2 miles.
  • 18:48 Finally made it to D's. Almost two hours later. Ironically, the Parkway was an improvement in driving.
  • 18:50 Am now drinking Southern Tier Choklat Stout. Yum!
  • 19:21 Now drinking: Victory Donnybrook Stout; mellow creamy stout.
  • 19:21 Also, Boulder Obovoid Emperical Stout; spicy stout with mellow hops.
  • 19:22 OK, am going offline for rest of Beer Society. Bibi!
  • 22:13 - Last beer society meeting. I am sad.
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