gwen (gwenix) wrote,

gwen's Daily Tweets

  • 15:39 - Go steelers!
  • 18:36 Touchdown, and 20-10!
  • 18:37 now 21-10. Woot!
  • 18:41 The Steelers intercepted! Awesome!
  • 19:11 TD!
  • 19:35 At this point, I'm just feeling sorry for SD fans. This game is over, but still dragging out excrutiatingly for them.
  • 19:49 OK, this is the game that cannot end, apparently.
  • 20:11 game over, Steelers won (woo!), time to head home. Laters!
  • 20:21 People in Pittsburgh, turn on WQED now. The mute guy is really trippy.
  • 20:22 (He's not actually mute, but apparently they had technical difficulties, and forgot to put his voice back in.)
  • 20:23 Someone here says, "This is what happens when you don't call in for the pledge drive."
  • 20:28 OK, really going now. Still amused by WQED, though.
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