gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Sigh, time to move blogs.

I just read this article, after reading it on Bryant's Twitter feed. While I don't think LJ is going away right away, and it has a chance of coming back... actions like that usually indicate that the heads of the company have lost their faith in it. The future for LJ is pretty grim right now, really.

This is sad for me, I've had a permanent account since the very early days when they gave them to anyone who sent them $100 to help buy a new server to keep things running, and that's really what has kept me here for this long. I realize its shortcomings, but I've built up my network here, what little I've had time to read and post to non-Twitter blogging has been here; it's like that familiar bar I used to frequent daily, and now just love to go back to just to hear people shout "NORM!"

So, what I am looking for now is advice. I don't want to leave LJ, but if LJ does go down I would like to have already found a new home for my occasional blogging. My hopes for this are:

1) Still be able to easily read friends' blogs (hopefully the same friends I have on here, or at least most).
2) Be able to link up all blogs so that when I post to one, I post to all.
3) Hopefully have useful clients for making posts, and potentially for reading.
4) Still be able to screen what I'm reading, so when I have a short bit of time, I can just read through my family's set of blogs.
5) Potentially be able to post to different "threads", so that I can post about different aspects of my life to different areas using one account... this might be wishful thinking though.
6) Eventually I hope to have a web page again, and I'd like to embed the blogs into it.

OK, please comment with advice and tips and tricks for this.

Oh, one last thing... there used to be a way to download your LJ into a PDF file. Does anyone remember this and know where to find it?
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