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  • 09:48 Good morning tweetverse. I am caught up on email, and my face is finally unfrozen.
  • 10:08 Well, huh. The Ungodly Hour couple split up, which made the podcast die.
  • 10:11 In case the collective Pittsburgh Twitter community hasn't made this abundantly clear yet: It's F***ING cold here today!
  • 11:37 I am glad I have lunch in the office fridge already. No going out for lunch!
  • 11:52 OK, I lied. Coworkers convinced me to go out in this.. we're nuts or something.
  • 15:54 I am starting something stupid for my own jest. I shall post when I see Ray (Sparcv9, CMU CS guy) with #rayspot from now on.
  • 15:55 #rayspot At Breugger's this morning. I wanted to wave, but I was on the bus!
  • 15:55 Yes, I know he'll kill me. :)
  • 16:56 Btw, as a random announcement, the UB and I finally got the house weather proofed enough that we didn't notice the cold in the house!
  • 17:34 OK, time to do the last of my xmas shopping, then head to dinner!
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