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  • 09:35 A coworker just reported seeing someone being held at gunpoint in the parking lot we use yesterday around 4pm.
  • 09:39 This morning, CSX seems to be quite active.
  • 10:23 my brain is slowly dying while I create 400 test entries into a blackberry calendar.
  • 10:57 I'm at 200 of 400 test calendar entries. My eyes are bleeding.
  • 11:33 OK, a staff meeting happened, and I was able to get another 100 entries done. 100 to go!
  • 11:45 I am disappointed by the lack of good theremin xmas music.
  • 11:54 It is probably not wise to typo "test" as "teat" in your boss' blackberry. Just a thought.
  • 11:59 Hooray, finally done with the mind-numbing, excruciating task! Now to set up the actual test carefully so I don't have to do that again.
  • 15:08 Heard from the other part of the office: "Serious faces everyone." To which everyone laughed, of course.
  • 16:02 Off to Columbus!
  • 17:49 - On the road to columbus!
  • 20:02 When i came here, did not expect to be invited to andy-man-athon and big room concert.
  • 20:14 Wow. We were just interviewed on the air!
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