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  • 09:59 Good morning Tweetverse!
  • 10:03 I got myself lunch from Giant Eagle's salad bar. Now I can't wait for lunch.
  • 10:27 So, the last line of this article is why I hate the suburbs:
  • 11:19 Yah, I've finally joined twitpic. I know, I live under a rock.
  • 11:22 - PictureMail
  • 11:26 - My street!
  • 11:33 OK, I think I figured out twitpic now. Apologies for double post.
  • 13:01 OK, less than a week to go, and still have 18 gifts to buy. Sigh.
  • 13:16 The fortunate news, btw, is that I think most of this list will be taken care of by a run to Target and a run to Phantom of the Attic.
  • 15:43 Pittsburgh's stimulus wishlist: -- on the list is a pedestrian bridge in E Liberty. I want that too!
  • 17:28 beer o'clock time!
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