gwen (gwenix) wrote,

last night I dreamt that i was at a con, it's hard to say what it was for, though.. but it was something where security was posted everywhere. it was in some sort of nebulus place i knew i'd been before, but not often. Boo, XthlcMatt, Mikey, Tobin, and I went to the local record store which was small, but had all kinds of good records. I was picking up Negativland, Ministry, and Big Black, Boo was running around spazzing about all the great shit there, too bad he already owns it. Then we returned to the con, and security was tighter than ever, I went to go to sleep, but I couldn't, so I got up and met up with some folks at the chemistry lab where we found a Chem prof who wanted to show us how to make explosions. He made a bunch of minor ones in a row that he set off and we all blinked innocently while the security posted at the door came rushing in in a blind panic trying to figure out what happened.

Then suddenly the room changed, and the real reason we were taught the explosions came clear as we realized that the whole con was being invaded by some god of Purgatory's armies in his attempt to take over the afterlife, and it was up to us to stop him. We waited for the armies to come in on us, meanwhile we made explosives, and suddenly a future me came in. She had something very important to tell me, but unfortunately time travel blanks some memories and she forgot what it was she was trying to prevent. But she showed me some spell work... then she mentioned that she would be listening, if we needed help we need only call out "Gwendolyn" and she'll try to give us advice. She disappeared.

Almost immediately the undead were upon us. Only I could see them, so I threw the minor explosives in their directions so that the rest of the party could find them. At some point I also saw a minor demon holding a bunch of my peeps in a shock attack, almost killing them, so I tried the spell work to freeze the demon. In my mind's eye he was turning blue, and there were little bars floating in front of him showing his hit points and freezing percentage. Then I realized those bars were in front of me, and I was freezing too, so I let up, fortunately my peeps had a chance to get away in the process. I went to look for them.

They were trying to recover in some shelled out car, but that had been a bad idea because there was something under the seats grabbing their limbs and tearing them off, I took the hook i"d been fighting with and swept it under the seats, killing the entity, but also finding all of the hands and legs it'd already munched on. feeling sick, i went to the back of the car.

And there was death. At first i just attacked him seeing another undead, but he complained he was death, so I stopped. I apologized, saying we were after the God of Purgatory's army, sorry, and he replied, "Oh! I have a bone to pick with him! Here, come with me and I'll lend you some advice!" We departed from the violent scene, sat down at some cafeteria table while he told me of a prophecy. It was about me, he said, and started the prophecy tale, "You are to marry once, lose him, and never marry again ...." I cut him off, "But I've already been married, and was plan..." I broke off. Suddenly I realized what my future self was trying to save. I was torn between running back to save him and staying to listen for the rest of the prophecy which might contain the answer for defeating the army. Death said, "to continue, never marry again on this plane. But the prophecy continues... you ... "

And Patrick called and woke me up.

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