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  • 10:14 Mugabe says they "..have now arrested cholera." I know he means "stops", but given his history, this phrasing amuses me.
  • 11:41 OK, heading to Sree's downtown for lunch!
  • 13:43 hmm, dammit. I formatted the nominate/nominee wrong. Sorry :(
  • 13:47 OK, I think I finally formatted those right. Stupid me for having Spaces keep twitter and firefox separate (finally just updated from ff)
  • 14:51 Dear, your login is broken. Please fix it.
  • 16:25 Hmm, wonder if this breaks twitter: # If you can see this, then not..
  • 17:20 OK, time to brave that freezing rain and head to church.
  • 18:10 Made it to church safely and with little frustration. Just slow.
  • 18:37 There are streamers all around the church for Saturday's RCC concert. It is pretty.
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