gwen (gwenix) wrote,


I guess I should post some content, rather than just the quiz things.
Problem is, there's not much to say. Or perhaps there's too much
to say. Hrmm.

We're driving through Mt Oliver on Brownsville Road, a gun goes off
right next to us, we continue driving.

angelmachina and a_machine's housewarming, much fun.
Sorry I couldn't stay long. Damn work.

Called the electric company to complain about the daily long power

Lots of work.

Maxx refusing to be out of contact with my legs last night, not
sure what that was about. Perhaps he's surprised to see me home
so consistently.

It rained hard while I was out, I hadn't closed the window over the
second floor phone... I now have to replace the answering machine/
cordless phone/ caller ID box. Oops.

It was good to see Roni again.

Really started work on the Maze app for class, final extra credit
assignment due Wednesday.

This entire time, I've remained fairly stable and happy.

Today, I will fight sleep deprivation and stay awake through the
afternoon so that I can get the first floor cleaned up and the food
made for the Church-going crew. If I'm not passing out on my feet,
I'll prolly even go. I haven't seen Priest Carlin preach since Lent.

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