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Last night in Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh PodCamp Meetup.

In the interest of giving some idea of how much there is to do for a thirty-something-ish here in Pittsburgh these days, I'm going to start detailing some of what goes on in my evenings. I'll do this for however long it takes me to get bored of the blogging, but I hope even a week or so of this will give an idea of how much our little city has changed from the wasteland it was for my age group even just a few years ago. All of these posts will be tagged "Pittsburgh".

Last night the UB and I hit PodCamp Pittsburgh's meetup. Podcamp Pittsburgh is a group surrounding social media, and is what has motivated me to finally start blogging about my interaction with this city. Members are friendly twenty-to-forty-somethings, with probably the average being in the early 30's. People get together and discuss their startup aspirations, their blogging techniques, and general life.

Last night was a meetup at the Firehouse Lounge in the Strip District. Before we went there, the UB and I decided to get dinner in the Strip District, as we could just park the car in one location and walk between dinner and the meetup. Unfortunately, our first choice, Kaya, was having a Vegetarian Dinner special night (sigh, wish I'd known about it) and was already full on reservations, so we ended up at Roland's Seafood. Being spoiled by good food, we ordered the only two unusual items we could find on the menu, the ginger scallops and the maple salmon appetizer plates. These were good, not spectacular, but also not very expensive. The wheat beer we both had with dinner was not very good, and I've even forgotten who made it now.

We walked from there to the Firehouse Lounge where I was happy to see the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout on tap. We also ordered jalepeno hummus and a coconut carrot cake (both of which were so big, half of them is now in our fridge). These were good. I switched to diet soda after one beer since I was being the designated driver for the evening.

The meetup was good, and attracted a variety of people. I talked at length with one person about politics and being raised in a non-religious but highly ethical household. The UB brought by someone who was also fired from CMU recently, and we talked at length about how they're doing (she's back at CMU in a different department) and moving on after that happens. She also showed me the iChalky application for the iPhone/iPod Touch, which is now on my iPod Touch. She claims it's a great program for kids, but I also think it's a great app for stress relief.

Also, Justin Kownacki of Something to be Desired (STBD) showed up.. not surprising as he's one of the PodCamp organizers. The UB has been hanging with him at various coffee shops in the Southside recently, and he and I are watching STBD before bed to try to catch up on the very long running series. Fortunately, each episode is only a few minutes, but since it's basically a soap opera sitcom it's very addictive ("Just one more!") STBD is set and filmed in Pittsburgh, and while it's a bit rough around the edges (especially in the first season), it is highly entertaining.

At that point in the evening, things got a bit loud, so I waited for the UB to finish up his beers and talking with more folks, we left around 9pm. So, it was a nice social evening; fun for being able to get to know some new folks and have some good conversation!
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