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  • 09:20 morning. Yah, that's about it.
  • 11:16 Dear iPod Touch. Please learn that I use "pa", "PA", or other capped versions of my state code, and stop autocorrecting me to "la".
  • 14:13 Sadly, the sun went behind clouds just as I left to take pics... plus I lost an earring en route. Oh well.
  • 16:07 Yah, I just posted to I'm wondering if I should more actively blog about my life in Pittsburgh.
  • 21:05 At a podcamp Pittsburgh at firehouse lounge.
  • 21:07 Also, discovered iSticky. Quite satisfying to abuse a stickfigure. Worth the $.99 from the app store.
  • 21:30 Whoops. I meant iChalky, not iSticky.
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