gwen (gwenix) wrote,

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  • 08:48 Sniffles, sniffles, and more sniffles. Caught the office cold. And, of course, now it's actually cold out. Sniffles!
  • 11:14 Waiting on a CentOS install for a VM. My thumbs are twiddling.
  • 11:23 OK, heading to lunch early hoping that this install is done when I get back.
  • 14:00 I keep forgetting that the system needs some room too, and having to redo this vm disk creation. Doh!
  • 15:46 Seen on Pgh_Freecycle: "I'd rather get someone's unwanted [stuff] than buy new!" My reaction, "Really? You prefer free too? Whodathunk?"
  • 16:32 Am I the only person who sees this ( design for a college bldg and thinks, "All the easier to commit suicide!"
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