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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
End of Ceremony...

Apparently Ceremony's last night will be November 29th. Who all will go with me?


Wow, closing for good? I hope not too many people miss it because of holiday traveling. o_O

It's 2 days after Thanksgiving. The club night I work with usually tries to avoid weekends after holidays 'cause the attendance usually drops a fair bit 'cause of travel and stuff.

sorry, meant to reply to post :)

ceremony is closing?

I'll be there! And, in honor of The End, something else will happen: I will get riotously drunk for the last time in my life. I mean, I barely ever drink anymore--mainly because it makes me sick as hell--but fuck it, I WILL PUKE IN HONOR OF THE DEATH OF CEREMONY! But first, I will make out with every fucking man, woman, and child in the place...just to capture the magic one last time.

And then you'll find me in an alley, passed out in a puddle of my own sick. Or in a corner, like at Laga that time. (YOU remember that! You got the photographic evidence!)

If you need a couch to crash on, we have two of them. :)

I may need *both*. One for my body, and one for my head!

Haha! That might be impractical, since I might see if Jeef wants to take the other couch. :)

Well, just save the brain, then....You can just stuff it in my travelling bag if necessary.

Oh, and I'll be sure to give Jeff a ride up, too.

Huh, wow.

Pour a bit of a sickly sweet drink made with cheap booze on the floor for me.

we have tix to see Glenn Beck that night

count us in